Bali To Lombok

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This site provides in-depth details for each of the possible ways you can get to the beautiful, yet still unspoiled, island of Lombok as well as the popular Gili Islands just off the Northwest coast. The information contained within this site was obtained first hand by long-term residents of Bali, ensuring it is not only accurate, but up to date as well. Doing just a little bit of research before you decide to embark from Bali to Lombok will easily prove to be a worthwhile use of your time. There simply isn’t enough time to browse every site and walk around and talk to every agent about every method of transport to Lombok from Bali. This site serves to save you that hassle and let you use that energy for the reasons you’ll go to Lombok- to relax and have fun!

Senggigi Beach - Lombok Island

Senggigi Beach – Lombok Island

So what exactly does one do on Lombok for fun? You will conveniently find that information on this site as well. There are a wide variety of attractions and leisure activities for people from all walks of life. Many people travel to Lombok or one of the Gili Islands for the pristine beaches and crystal clear water, the abundance of marine life, water sports, surfing, beautiful nature treks, culture and much more. There is literally something for everyone. So prepare yourself, because it’s up to you whether you want to experience the islands’ activities…or do nothing at all, and just get some quality rest and relaxation on some of Southeast Asia’s most magnificent beaches!

Getting To Lombok

Below you will find a summary of the various ways you can get to Lombok from Bali…

Bali to Lombok – Fast Boats

A wide selection of companies offers this service at varying prices with a diverse fleet of boats. Most of these boats depart from Padang Bai, with a select few also departing from Serangan. Certain companies offer more departure times than others. It is important to research the reputation of these companies to ensure a safe, reliable and relaxing trip across the Lombok Strait. Some even offer added bonuses, such as a free shuttle transport from your hotel or snacks and beverages at no additional cost. Certain companies even have facilities for you to shower! Lombok via speedboat usually takes approximately two hours.

Public Ferry

The public ferry is not a speedboat, but a larger vessel capable of transporting passengers along with bicycles, motorbikes, cars, trucks, and tour busses. The ferry departs exclusively from Padang Bai, which is about 1.5 hours north of Kuta Beach and located on the east coast. A ferry departs about every hour, 24 hours a day to Lembar in the southwest of Lombok. Lombok via public ferry takes 4-5 hours from port to port.


There are regular flights from Bali to Lombok offered by several smaller airlines. These include Merpati Nusantara Airlines, Trigana Air, Lion Air, Silk Air, Garuda Indonesia and Indonesian Air. The flight itself is around 30 minutes long, excluding check-in and boarding time. These flights are usually booked by a travel agent, but sometimes can be found online. Always use a reputable company to avoid excessive ticket prices and last minute cancellations.

Private Boat Charter

Charter boats, as usual, are quite expensive when compared with the options available to travelers. The private chartering of a boat is best suited for larger groups of people, but even then it might not make that much sense. In the case of getting from Bali to Lombok, private boat charters are usually used for the sole purpose of a surfing trip, cruising around to the many popular breaks east of Bali. This is usually not limited to the breaks surrounding Lombok.

Sunset On Senggigi Beach - Lombok

Sunset On Senggigi Beach – Lombok

Food for Thought

Now that you are up to speed on the various ways of getting to Lombok, it is recommended that you decide on where you want to go in Lombok before you arrange your transportation. Do you wish to see Lombok, the Gilis, or both? Once you have figured this out, the information contained within this site will truly help simplify the process and save you a lot of headaches and planning time. Taking the fast boat directly to the Gilis is by far the most popular method and very easy to arrange. For those looking to explore more of Lombok, taking the fast boat and then hiring a driver can save you the trouble of navigating and allow you to gaze at the natural beauty of Lombok. The truly independent can rent a scooter or car on Lombok after taking the fast boat to Teluk Nara/Kode (the harbors just opposite of the Gili Islands. It is also possible to rent a scooter in Bali and take the ferry, but for most travelers this can eat up a lot of your time while in transit. It is also worth noting that some rental companies forbid you to take their cars or scooters from Bali to Lombok.

Bali Lombok Sunset

Another Lombok Sunset