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Gili Islands Paradise With Crystal Clear Water And Sky

You’ve already seen the word “Gili” many times by now, which is the Indonesian word for island. There are many islands surrounding Lombok. The three most popular islands to visit when going from Bali to Lombok have been detailed briefly in the “Bali to Lombok via Fast Boat” section. These islands, along with the others, are tiny islands with a couple of core attractions (although some are still uninhabited). The bright sun, nice beaches and beautifully clear water are the main draws, bringing you a truly serene getaway. Most go simply to relax. There is scuba diving, snorkeling, nice restaurants and a few bars. On Gili Trawangan, the nightlife usually centers around one place per night, as each popular bar has a permit for one night of the week in which they can stay open for after-hours fun. Live music and entertainment is common in many of these establishments. You can also find spas for traditional massages and shops selling locally produced crafts and souvenirs.

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