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Lombok Surfing

Lombok Surfing

Lombok’s primary surf spot and touted to be one of the best in Indonesia, if not the world, is Kuta Beach (not to be mistaken with the Kuta Beach of Bali). Kuta Beach is located in the south of Lombok and easily accessed from the airport or harbor. It is a typical fishing village with a growing number of accommodations and restaurants. Cliffs and mountains hug the coast in which Kuta sits, making for breathtaking panoramas.

Various types of water sports are peppered along the Lombok coasts and the Gili Islands. There is scuba diving and snorkeling of course, and some other family oriented water sports such a banana boats, tubing and jet ski rentals. It is worth noting that the dive shops have all agreed on fixed pricing when diving from Gili Trawangan, Meno, and Air. These islands share dive sites, as they are accessible by boat in less than 20 minutes. All shops will ask for a 50,000 rupiah contribution for your first dive only that goes towards a Reef Conservation Program. It is recommended that you only dive with a long-term resident who is well acquainted with the sites, as strong currents can affect the ability of a Dive Master new to the island.

Bali - Lombok Watersports

Bali – Lombok Watersports