Lombok Villages and Temples

The villages and temples in Lombok are certainly unique, but not the sole reason to visit. The temples carry important cultural significance, but architecturally they can’t compare to the profound temples found in Bali and the rest of Indonesia. It is not recommended to go out of your way to see a temple. The villages, however, can be quite enjoyable for a quick visit and an inexpensive souvenir.

Lombok Temples - Lingsar Temple

One of Lombok Temples – Lingsar Temples

Banyulmulek – Located on the west coast just off of the main road that runs north and south in between Lembar and Senggigi, this traditional pottery village is very easy to find as a small but noticeable sign on the main road indicates the way. The entrance greets you with a large archway and iconic terra cotta pots rest upon pedestals that line the median. There are handfuls of shops along this small street, but beware as some will have outrageous prices that are special just for you. The selection is in all shops is tremendous, and the craftsmanship of their products is exquisite. Everything is hand made from locally excavated pieces of earth, hence the terra cotta name that literally translates to “baked earth”. You can find plates, bowls, teapots, vases, candle and incense holders, and heaps of other function or artistic pieces in various sizes. The pottery village experience can be the most rewarding if you wander away from the shops and attempt to locate a local family producing things on a much smaller scale within their own home. Although they may be shy and may not speak much English, they will be more than happy to sell you something they’ve made. Pricing can range, but small objects such as candleholders should be less than a dollar. Plates and flatware can start at around 10,000 rupiah per piece. More elaborate works of course will run you more, but prices fairly reflect the intricate work that only comes with decades of experience that has been passed down from generation to generation. Annan Pottery Wholesale Center has a wonderful selection and extremely low prices. The family that owns it is very friendly and they can speak English quite well.