Flying From Bali To Lombok

Lombok International Airport - Mataram

Lombok International Airport – Mataram

Lombok International Airport, or Bandara Internasional Lombok (BIL), is a new addition to the island. Its October 2011 opening will be the preface to increased tourism and development on the island as it now offers incoming international flights from various cities around Southeast Asia. The new airport is located 40 kilometers south of Mataram and 55 kilometers from Senggigi, taking a little less than an hour and an hour and a half respectively, depending on traffic conditions. From Kuta, the drive takes a mere 25 minutes. The airport is modestly sized three-story structure, with a section of the roof resembling a traditional Lombok rice barn. Housed inside are all the usual things one expects to find at an airport. These include cafes, shops, waiting areas, tourist services, and of course, ticketing counters. The airport seems to be running very efficiently and flights seem to leave on time. Finding your way through the airport is easy as everything is clearly marked.

Flights from Bali take approximately 25 minutes and fares start somewhere around 300,000 rupiah one-way. Tickets can be purchased at the airline counters or via a local travel agent in Bali or Lombok. Certain airlines offer the option of online bookings. For all domestic flights there is an airport departure tax of 25,000 rupiah (100,000 rupiah for international departures). Payment is only accepted in rupiah.

Getting To/From the Airport

Once your flight has arrived to the Lombok, you’ll need to decide how you want to get where you’re going. This can be easy but relatively pricey, or inexpensive but requiring a bit more planning and patience. No matter which option you choose, after reading the information contained within this site, you will have the knowledge to make an informed decision.


Opposite of the baggage claim there is an airport taxi counter. You can purchase a ticket at the counter for 10,000 to 17,500 rupiah, depending on where you are headed. Exit the airport to the see the queue of taxis. There are two companies to use- Bluebird Taxi and Express Taxi. The receipt will have your taxi number written on it. These taxis use a meter (argo), so be sure to that the driver has started the meter when you get in and don’t ever succumb to flat fare that is claimed to be “a better deal.” Fares to most areas in the city should be around 100,000 to 130,000 rupiah and to central Senggigi about 150,000 rupiah.

Public Bus (DAMRI)

Operating specifically out of Lombok International Airport, the DAMRI buses might be the best and easiest way to a few of the most popular areas of Lombok. Previously, the Department of Transportation had a fleet of 40-seat passenger busses, but that has since changed due to some conflicts of interest with the taxi drivers licensed to operate out of the airport.

The Department now operates DAMRI busses with a maximum capacity of 27 passengers. The purchase counter is clearly marked by the main terminal roadway and will have employees wearing clearly marked DAMRI uniforms. If the person is not wearing a DAMRI uniform then they do not work for DAMRI and should be avoided. The busses are newer, with comfortable seats and air conditioning. They can be identified as white busses with the word “DAMRI” written on the sides. There are 8 of these medium-sized busses that are running the route between the airport, Mataram (Mandelika Bus Terminal), and Senggigi. They depart from the airport every hour until the last arriving flight of the evening. The fares are quite low; 15,000 rupiah per person to and from Mataram, and 25,000 rupiah to and from Senggigi. Departing from Senggigi, this service operates between the hours of 7am until 5pm everyday.

Plan the use of these busses with added time to avoid missing your flight, as they may not be running perfectly on schedule.

Hotel Transfer

The higher-end hotels usually offer a transportation service as a part of your stay. They will be waiting for you at the airport with a sign and assist you with your luggage. If you plan on flying out as well, be sure to mention the inclusion of a drop off at the airport, as sometimes this can incur an additional charge.

Private Transport

Although this option is convenient, many folks are overcharged. Do some research beforehand, asking around for prices before you make a decision. If you can find private transport for the same price as a taxi, then you’ve done well. Typically, the only recommended private transport is through an acquaintance you’ve made. Of course, you should still know the price as a friendly face can still overcharge you.

From the Gilis, specifically Gili Trawangan, there are places scattered all along the main street that offer an all-inclusive shuttle package to the airport at a very reasonable price. Almost all of these places are currently charging 200,000 rupiah, but with some patience you can find it for 175,000 rupiah. The one problem with this service is that they all depart in the early morning in between the hours of 7am and 9am; making it unpractical for an evening or nighttime flight. If you do have a later flight, you can take the public ferry from the island at either 9:30am or 4pm to Lombok for just 10,000 rupiah. From there you can explore the various aforementioned options to see some of Lombok before you head to the airport.

Car/Scooter Rental

Much like everywhere else in Indonesia, you can rent a car or scooter for a reasonable rate. There are no mileage restrictions and you are responsible for filling the usually near-empty tank. Petrol can be bought at Pertamina Petrol Stations for 4,500 rupiah per liter. In a bind you can purchase petrol, known as bensin, in a bottle for 5,000 to 6,000 per liter.

Make sure you are prepared- you must have a valid International License that is good for a car, motorcycle, or both. Insurance can and should be purchased, although you should check into your automotive or homeowners insurance, as sometimes these can cover you while abroad. A small but comfortable air-conditioned car can be rented for 150,000 rupiah per day and prices go up from there depending on age and size. Scooters should be around 40,000 to 50,000 rupiah per day for a newer scooter. The Honda Vario is among the higher quality scooters to rent, with a solid transmission and easy controls. It is larger in size than some, making it adequate for two people. As mentioned in the “Bali to Lombok via Public Ferry” section, you are required by law to use a SNI approved helmet. It will be included with your rental and you should always wear it for safety and to avoid a confrontation with police.

Whether you rent a car or scooter, conduct a thorough check for existing damage. Notify the renter, and have them note it on the receipt. The reasonable request of a test drive should allow you an opportunity to check the brakes, transmission, lights and other features of your vehicle. Make sure an original and current registration, or Surat Tanda Nomor Kendaraan, is in the vehicle.

Driving in Lombok and Bali is only recommended for experienced and confident drivers. The rules of the road are likely much different than in your home country, with rampant drivers anxiously honking their horns or flashing their lights to pass. The conditions of the roads can change quickly and drastically. Sometimes large potholes appear quickly and can cause a flat tire upon impact. To further complicate the situation, there are horse-drawn carriages and free-roaming farm animals that can randomly waltz into your path. It’s best to have someone navigate (a GPS is highly recommended), allowing the driver to concentrate on the road. Finding attractions can be a little difficult as signs aren’t always very obvious or accurate. Those on scooters usually meander all over the road and pass slower moving vehicles on both sides. If (knock on wood) you do have an accident, it is almost always considered to be the foreigner’s fault. When considering these facts, it might make more sense to hire a car with a driver.

Car with Driver

You can hire a car with a local driver, including petrol, for prices starting around 350,000 rupiah per day. Your driver will take you to see the sites of your choosing and he will probably also know of some nice places to visit that might not be in normal guidebooks or maps. If your trip requires extensive distances then expect to pay a slightly higher rate. Many of these drivers are also willing to provide their service for consecutive days in which case you would provide them with inexpensive local meals and accommodation. There is a good chance your hotel has a driver or knows of one to recommend. The use of a driver will allow you to enjoy the diverse cultural sights and magnificent coastal views that Lombok has to offer without having to concentrate on traffic and navigation.

Flights From Bali To Lombok

Flights From Bali To Lombok


  • Arrive at a central location in Lombok
  • A quick and easy flight
  • For those that are uncomfortable on boats or easily get seasick, this is an ideal alternative


  • Difficult or expensive to get anywhere from the airport
  • When considering transport to and from the airport, the costs and commuting times can easily add up
  • You are unable to dive 24 hours before a flight
  • Driving a car or scooter can be dangerous and stressful