General Info About Lombok

Just like Bali and pretty much everywhere else in Southeast Asia, you can find an abundance of places to stay in Lombok and the Gilis with a selection for budgets both large and small. These accommodations can be broken down into three simple categories- budget accommodation, midrange, and luxury. It is important to search though, especially within the budget category as you may get significantly more or less for approximately the same amount of money. Typically, you should expect to pay around 100k-250k for budget rooms, 250k-500k for midrange, and from 500k and up for the more luxurious hotels, villas, and bungalows.

Check out times can vary but this is a country of islands, and most people are pretty laid back, so try to be on time but don’t take advantage of the situation. Accommodations in all price ranges may have free internet access, but for those in the budget category it can be more scarce. In the busy season, Lombok is still not jam packed with tourists; so don’t splurge for the first room that you see. You will always be able to find another comparable room available. Generally, checking out 3 to 4 different hotels, home-stays, or villas is enough.

Budget (100k to 250k rupiah per night)

Lombok Accommodation - Budget Hotel

Lombok Accommodation – Budget Hotel Room

Rooms within this category almost always have at least a fan, western style bathroom (but no hot water usually), and an included breakfast for up to 2 people. The search is important because for just 50k more you might find a significantly nicer room, a nicer location, or air conditioning instead of a fan. It’s usually a give and take so the best decision is your own. Do you place more value on a beach front room, or do you mind something set back a little bit but with air conditioning? The level of cleanliness can vary greatly, so give all rooms an inspection before agreeing. Maintenance can sometimes be overlooked, so test out the shower, sink, and toilet. Many of these places do not include shower towels, soaps and other toiletries (there is at least toilet paper 99% of the time). Make sure you ask about breakfast too, as sometimes if it’s not discussed the morning staff will deny that it’s included.

In the off-season, it is very easy to negotiate the price of these types of rooms. Since there are many options, the level of competition can be high. You should usually be able to knock anywhere from 50k to 150k off the price of a room. Don’t be afraid to ask (with a smile), the worst that they can say is no! These places usually prefer cash payments.

Midrange (250k to 500k rupiah per night)

Lombok Accommodation - Midrange Room

Lombok Accommodation – Midrange Hotel Room

You can find very nice villas, bungalows, and hotels in this category. Many are located right on the beach and most have a pool, albeit a small pool at times. Almost all accommodations in this category should have air conditioning, and most with hot water. Again, breakfast is usually included. The places you will find in this category will be much nicer, cleaner, and enjoyable than those within the budget category. You are more likely to find a stylish bedroom with an open-air or other unique style bathroom, nicer furnishings, a more comfortable bed and a better collection of linens and towels. Some of these places may stock toiletries, but only likely in the higher end of this price range. They usually prefer cash payments but might take credit cards for a small additional charge.

Luxury (500k and up per night)

Lombok Accommodation - Resort Room

Lombok Accommodation – Resort Room

For something in this category, you will be “livin’ large.” You can find extremely nice bungalows, hotel rooms and even private villas. Almost all of those located by the beach will be on the beach. They will have air conditioning, toiletries and linens, hot showers and a large swimming pool. Room service will be available. Breakfast may or may not be included. When renting a private villa, it can sometimes include a complete staff that will clean and cook for you but a place like this will be significantly more expensive than the lower end of this category.

These hotels and villas should include airport or harbor pickup and drop-off services, and sometimes shuttle services around their area. They should accept credit card payments without an additional charge.