Private Boat Charter From Bali To Lombok

Bali - Lombok Cruises | Private Charter

Bali – Lombok Cruises | Private Charter

Although a private boat charter offers a more luxurious trip, they are usually not a practical option for getting from Bali to Lombok or the Gili Islands. When speaking to Tour Operators located in the more touristy areas, some might give you absurd prices on boats that don’t fit your exact needs. For example, one gentleman offered our researcher a private charter for 30 million rupiah (approx $3,200 US- although a boat for half that price can likely be found). The boat in question has a capacity of up to 60 passengers. Although the service includes hotel pickup and return transport to either Lombok or the Gilis, there are no transfers between those two destinations. At a cost of around $60 per person (assuming all are adults), this only might make sense. The problem is that most groups are not nearly this large. Even if they are this large, the fast boat companies are well established, insured, and would likely offer a group discount. It wouldn’t make much sense to go with a private charter that isn’t well established, as this option is just not that popular in general.


  • Leave and return when you want
  • Keep your group together, separate from the general public


  • Very high cost and bad value
  • Transport in between Lombok and the Gilis is probably not included